Welcome to OtherLand


Welcome to OtherLand

Heroes of Elenia!

An unusual guest appeared in the capital. She invites everyone to go with her to a mysterious place — OtherLand, where famous actors, masters of riddles and rarity traders will please you with their performances, tasks and gifts!

Baron Cardigan is in a real Rage — we are almost late for his brand-new Psychodrama!

Starting from 09:00 GMT 7 September and up to 13:00 GMT 21 September the “Cardigan’s Mystery” event will take place in the game.

News for fashionists!

Until September 21, the Premium store offers a 20% discount on the following costumes:

  • King & Queen of Spades;
  • Master of Hearts;
  • Rabbit.

Also for the bravest, smartest and lucky ones will appear on sale Alchemical Lockpicks and Casket of Gifts. Such a picklock is the only chance to hit the mysterious Closed Door.

What’s new?

Otherland Imports Store

New goods have been added to the store of NPC Bunny: Face Accessories of four colours (red, blue, green and black), the masks of Quenn and Joker. The items are available for any class and level and don’t have a card slot. Price of a mask: 350 Otherland coins.

Premium Store

Fashionmongers of Aura are welcomed to try fresh carnival looks. Two new costumes will be available in the Premium Store during the event: Harlequin and Columbine. Price of a costume: 399 reales. Both costumes are personal once you wear it.


  • «I recognize you under any mask» — to possess four Queen Masks (all colours).
  • «Any kind of colours» — to possess four Joker Masks (all colours).
  • «High fashion of Cardigan’s Mystery» — to equip a Harlequin or Columbine costume.


  • The “Humpty’s Shard“ needed to complete the “First Aid for the Clumsy Globes” mission now is a quest item stored in the corresponding tab of your backpack.
  • Now the items “Shard of Light” and “Big Deadie Totem”, according to their descriptions, properly increase damage against the Undead.
  • Some known text errors have been fixed.

But that's not all!

Starting from now and up to 10:00 GMT September 21 you will get rates x3 on the experience bonus for Premium account.


Promotional code includes:

  • Royal Blessing x7 – 1.
  • Mystical Fireworks – 20.
  • Lucky Dog Elixir – 5.
  • Four-Leaf Clover – 10.
  • Alchemical Lockpick – 5.

Important: Can be activated till 30/09/21, required lvl. 31-65

It's time for performances!

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Miracles happen all over the kingdom: Philosophers Stones are coming back!

Royal Quest



Starting from 21:00 GMT on October 8 and up to 20:59 on October 10 the Premium Store will offer you Small Tsonokwa Boxes.

Royal Quest


Orc Hunt: results

Four intense days of the Orc Hunt are over, and we are keen to share the results.

Royal Quest


Cute Fluffy Helpers

Starting from 21:00 GMT 1 October and up to 20:59 GMT 3 October the Premium Store will offer you Angeleasel Set, Rabbit Carrier and Raccoon Carrier.

Royal Quest


Game Server Closing

On September 30, the Men of War II: Arena game server was shut down. We thank everyone who actively participated in the project life, who fought bravely on the battlefield, and even those who argued in social networks, without you it would have been too boring. However, the closure of the game server is not a reason to be sad.

Men of War II: Arena