Harvest Fest in Elenia


Harvest Fest in Elenia

Heroes of Elenia!

The joyful laughter can be heard everywhere, candy wraps are scattered through the streets of Varlon, and a market has opened in Elgore with the ripest pumpkins. That means it's time for you to join in the holiday cheer, too!

Harvest Fest game event from 10:00 GMT on October 26 to 7:00 GMT on November 9.

Traditionally you will be treated to:

Fun with Mad Pumpkins: killing any monster can bring forth the Mad Pumpkin, a malignant creature that poisons people in every way. Killing the Pumpkin is rewarded with a special prize. Whoever distinguishes themselves in the hunt and collects more than 100 seeds of the Mad Pumpkin can get one of four unique headdresses symbolizing the holiday.

Battles with a special boss, Duane the Merciless. It seems that the lord of N'Galu has decided to restore the curse to its former strength and has sent his terrible servant riding a terrifying monster with four legs to sow death and panic in the lands of the kingdom. Who will stand in his way?

Special quests, holiday cooking, presents, and fireworks!

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In-game store update

From 9:00 UTC on October 26 to 7:00 UTC on November 9th the "Casket of the Dead Lands" will appear in the game store, from which there is a chance to get a "Grim Shard". And after collecting 10 of these shards, you can summon N'Gala, the leader of the Necrodogs.

The following change has been made to the game event:

There is now a chance to get a new transport, Necrodog, from the Grim Chest obtained after killing Duane the Merciless, as well as from the Surprise Pumpkin. Don't miss the opportunity to tame the terrifying hound!

Pumpkin Madness merchandise is on sale!

Not only is the festival back, but the special holiday merchandise is back as well. From 9:00 UTC on October 26 to 7:00 UTC on November 9, the Large and Small Boxes of Pumpkin Madness and the Druid's Chest of Autumn Outfits will be on sale.

Gifts of Autumn


By activating the promo code, you will receive:

  • Royal Blessing x7 - 1 piece.
  • Four-leaf clover - 10 pieces.
  • Pumpkin pie - 10 pcs.
  • Pumpkin Firecracker - 10 pcs.

Important: The promo code can be activated until November 31, 2021 if you have a level 31 or higher character on your account.

Trick or treat

To celebratethe Harvest Fest, we invite you to participate in two creative contests. Share a horror story or create a themed culinary masterpiece for a chance to win valuable prizes.

Scary Story Contest

Scary Treats Contest

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It's time for you to join in the fun!

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