«Valentine for a Monster»


«Valentine for a Monster»

Citizens of Elenia!

Everyone secretly wants to be loved, even if you're a bad-looking, massive ogre. But getting a gift card, being a monster, is not so easy. Still they want it!

We invite everyone to participate in the creative contest «Valentine for a Monster». Post your picture in the special topic — get a chance to win valuable in-game prizes.

Stages of the contest

from February 9 to February 22, included, acceptance of contest works;   
from February 23 to 25 jury voting, solving of disputable moments;   
February 26, announcement of the results. 


• You can draw the postcard with the help of graphic editors, as well as with traditional materials.
• The theme of the image must be related to the world of Royal Quest and the St. Vallen’s Day.
• Works will be accepted until February 22.
• Works must be published in a special thread.
• The work must have the date of creation, forum nickname and logo of the game.
• Works created before the start of the contest will not be accepted.
• Using someone else's artwork will be disqualified.
• No more than three works will be accepted from one author.
• All images must not violate the rules of the game, forum and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
• By participating in the contest, you agree that your work may be used for marketing, advertising, or other purposes.
• Administration reserves the right to make decisions in controversial situations and add additional prizes. 


1st place
— «Power of Love», 1500 Reales, 1000 Insignia of Distinction, Royal Blessing х14.
2nd place — «Power of Love», 1000 Reales, 500 Insignia of Distinction, Royal Blessing х14.
3rd place —«Power of Love», 500 Reales, 300 Insignia of Distinction, Royal Blessing х14.

Take part in the contest

Good luck!

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