Royal Quest


Two weeks of double rates

Dear defenders of Elenia!

Every day you fight against hordes of enemies, conquering dark dungeons, competing with other heroes in combat skills, capturing castles and defeating dangerous bosses. Your power knows no limits!

On this day we wish you always to be a support for your friends and family. Let any wars in your life occur only on the other side of the screen.

With the blessing of Aura right after scheduled maintenance on February 23 and up to 7:00 GMT March 9 you will get rates x2 on the experience bonus for Premium account.

Happy Holidays!

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Merging servers

The process of merging the international server has been successfully completed, all accounts are available for playing. All your characters you can find in the game world Logrus.

Royal Quest


Game update (March 3)

Brand new league system, the first iteration of an updated game sound engine, bug fixes and much more. Let’s plunge into it.

Men of War II: Arena


Internal technical works

In the near time there may be some problems with the game servers due to internal technical works.

Royal Quest


Screenshot-contest on the Discord-server

We invite you to enjoy the spring views of the Royal Quest, take a screenshot of them and take part in the contest on our Discord server!

Royal Quest


Spring in Royal Quest

We invite you to celebrate the advent of calendar spring. What's waiting for us in the game?

Royal Quest