Spring in Royal Quest


Spring in Royal Quest

Citizens of Elenia! 

Winter is slowly giving way to the long-awaited spring. And do not let the weather outside your window to mislead you with its overcast skies and cold wind. The main thing is that it should always be sunny in our hearts! 

We invite you to celebrate the advent of calendar spring. What's waiting for us in the game?

Generous Trophy Days

We remind you that there are generous trophy days in Elenia until 7:00 GMT on March 9. Premium account bonuses on experience and drop items are doubled. It's a good time to upgrade your characters!

Spring Festival Gifts

Celebrate by outfitting your character with useful items and the Royal Blessing. It's time to go on adventures!


You will receive:
• Royal Blessing x7;
• Treasure Hunter’s Elixir (5 pcs);
•  Maiden’s Ticket (20 pcs.);
• Spring Fireworks (20 pcs.);
• Flower Fireworks (20 pcs.).

Note: The promo code should be activated till March 3, providing you have characters of level 31 or higher. All items from the promo code will be bound to your account.

Holiday goods on sale

How do you keep a piece of spring in your life? With themed outfits and decorations, of course! Starting at 9:00 GMT on March 2 and ending at 7:00 GMT on March 16, the Premium Store will offer you Dryad’s Caskets and Small Boxes of Butterflies. The most lucky heroes will be able to collect a magical costume, as well as decorate their character with fluttering butterflies or Druid's steps!

And there’s more!

Join our official Discord server and Facebook community. You will find special themed events soon!

Enjoy the game!

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Stylish Weekend

Starting from 21:00 GMT on January 21 and up to 20:50 GMT on January 23 the Premium Store will offer you 30% discount on costumes. In addition: the Harlequin and Columbine will appear on the shelves again.

Royal Quest



Starting from 21:00 GMT on January 19 until 20:59 GMT on January 23, you will have to reduce the population of especially prolific monsters. The most active event participants will get valuable prizes!

Royal Quest



Starting from 20:59 GMT on January 14 and up to 20:59 GMT on January 16 for every 4 Arconite Sealing Waxes you spend, you are getting one Wax back!

Royal Quest


Recompence for technical problems

Today, on January 13, a number of locations has been inaccessible because of problems in the data center and some players with characters stucked there for several hours were not able to enter the game. As a recompence, all players with a character of 31 level and more can activate the promocode.

Royal Quest



Starting from 21:00 GMT on January 7 and up to 20:59 GMT on January 9 the Premium Store will offer you Winter Tale Boxes.

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