Stones Come Back!


Stones Come Back!

Heroes of Elenia!

Miracles happen all over the kingdom: Philosophers Stones are coming back!

Starting from 21:00 GMT April 23 and up to 20:59 GMT April 25 for every 5 Black, White and Red Philosophers Stones you spend, you are getting one stone back!


  • The stones used earlier or later than the specified time do not participate in the promo.
  • The returned stones will come to the golden chest in your Character Selection window and you will be able to take them for any of your heroes.
  • Bonus stones will be counted for every character.
  • The count will be rounded down: 20 spent stones will give you back 4 bonus stones, 21 spent stones - 4 bonus stones again, 24 spent stones - 5 bonus stones.

Have a nice game!

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Maintenance on September 21

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