Warrior’s Day


Warrior’s Day

Citizens of Elenia!

Every year the whole kingdom of Elenia celebrates Warrior’s Day in honour of General Maximus and his amazing victory over the Undead Army of Ngalu, the Lich Lord that cost General Maximus his life.


The promo includes:

• Royal Blessing x3;
• Four-Leaf Clover (10 pcs);
• Celebration Fireworks (10 pcs).

Please note: may be activated till 31/05/21, required lvl. 31-65, all items are bonded to your account.

Starting from May 4 and up to May 18 (from maintenance to maintenance), the adventurers of Aura can gain from the worldwide monsters Guard’s Emblems that allow players to become a Guard for 2-3 minutes.

At the same time when you kill the monsters, the killing can occasionally summon the Undead monsters - Ghosts of War. They drop Guard's Emblems too but fighting them in the Guard form allows you to get Military Tokens.

Collect 100 Military Tokens and use them to receive a Warlord’s Honorary Badge which gives the ability to use the Guard form without any time limits.

Also be aware that Ngalu the Lich Lord being enraged by the repeated extermination of his Undead hordes has designed hideous revenge! He is sending his most powerful and dangerous servants to devastate the reaches of Elenia!

Ngalu's minions, five event bosses,  will spawn in the game in the course of the event:

• Baron Logart's Island: Fire Irex
• Arcon: Dark Morius
• Eltane: Cardigan’s Courier
• Dead City: Unholy Rebel
• Teuton: General Hrungnir

Here is the list of trophy items from every boss:

• Fire Irex' Head
• Dark Morius' Helmet
• Cardigan Courier's Flamethrower
• Unholy Rebel's Paw
• Lord Ngalu's General's Helmet

All these are collectible items and if you complete the Victory Day collection, you will get +1 to all attributes of your character!

Also the NPC Demon Hunter in Varlone offers the daily quest Minions of N’Galu: Research. Bring him all 5 collectible trophies form the event bosses to get the reward: 30 Insignia of Distinction.

Find an useful added to the Protector’s Reward chest you get for completing the Coworker Luther’s quest: Piece of Award. The item is personal to a character and drops randomly from the chest. Collect 10 Pieces of Award to get the new card: Card of the Undead Victor.

Also you will gain rates X2 on experience bonus and  loot drop chance for Premium account holders for two weeks of May 4 - 18 (maintenance to maintenance).

Defeat Ngalu's army!

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