The Summer Hunting is open!


The Summer Hunting is open!

Heroes of the Kingdom!

Summer came, and King Roland, with the approval of Green Noise, announced the start of the Hunting Season! From June 9, 21:00 GMT until June 13, 20:59 GMT time, you will have to reduce the population of especially prolific monsters.

The most active event participants will get valuable prizes!

The following monsters are subject to extermination

• characters level 21-30 —  Blind Bumblebuzz;
• characters level 31-40 —  Lil` Baphomet;
• characters level 41-50 —  Horrid Anteater;
• characters level 51-55 — Huttler;
• characters level 56-60 — Cursed Sucker.

For those who have overcome the hardships of northern weather, a specific Northern Hunt will take place. Characters of 61-65 levels are welcomed to hunt one of the following monsters:

• Lowland Garguar;

• Wild Waldermine.

Best results in each category will be awarded

This year we decided to remove the sets and decorations from the rewards.

The absolute leader in each category — 500 reales, 2000 Insignia of Distinction.

The class leader in each category — 1500 Insignia of Distinction.

Mind that:

• the same person can’t be both absolute and class leader;
• to become a leader of your class, you must kill at least 1000 monsters in the category corresponding to your level;
• at the beginning of the event, each participant is assigned with a category of monsters according to his level, and until the end of the event, kills will be counted within this category alone;
• killings by tamed/summoned  pets and rolands count towards the owner;
• Insignia of Distinction will be transferred to the character who participated in the hunt;
• reals will be transferred to the account that participated in the hunt;
• the administration reserves the right to introduce incentive prizes.

Have a good hunting!

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