Defense of the Kingdom


Defense of the Kingdom

Defense of the Kingdom

Starting from July 18 and up to July 19, the in-game event «Defense of the Kingdom» will take place on the expanses of Aura. 

• In different parts of Elenia, terrible monsters went mad and left their lair. They wipe out everything that moves in their path. Stop them!

• In the game chat you will see an announcement about the whereabouts of the boss that appeared. You need to go to the indicated place as soon as possible and destroy a boss.

• The time and place where bosses appear will be random.

Put on your armor, get ready your weapons and go on to defend the Kingdom!

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Starting from 21:00 GMT on October 22 and up to 20:59 GMT on October 24, a 25% discount is announced on x10 sets of the Iron, Golden and Crystal keys. X30 key sets are also on sale now. The discount on these sets will be 40%.

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Miracles happen all over the kingdom: Philosophers Stones are coming back!

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Starting from 21:00 GMT on October 8 and up to 20:59 on October 10 the Premium Store will offer you Small Tsonokwa Boxes.

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Orc Hunt: results

Four intense days of the Orc Hunt are over, and we are keen to share the results.

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Cute Fluffy Helpers

Starting from 21:00 GMT 1 October and up to 20:59 GMT 3 October the Premium Store will offer you Angeleasel Set, Rabbit Carrier and Raccoon Carrier.

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