Defense of the Kingdom


Defense of the Kingdom

Defense of the Kingdom

Starting from July 18 and up to July 19, the in-game event «Defense of the Kingdom» will take place on the expanses of Aura. 

• In different parts of Elenia, terrible monsters went mad and left their lair. They wipe out everything that moves in their path. Stop them!

• In the game chat you will see an announcement about the whereabouts of the boss that appeared. You need to go to the indicated place as soon as possible and destroy a boss.

• The time and place where bosses appear will be random.

Put on your armor, get ready your weapons and go on to defend the Kingdom!

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Bug fixes, various gameplay tweaks, and minor metagame adjustments await you.

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Warrior’s Day

Every year the whole kingdom of Elenia celebrates Warrior’s Day in honour of General Maximus and his amazing victory over the Undead Army of Ngalu, the Lich Lord that cost General Maximus his life.

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The Premium Store will offer you the special goods for the duration of the event!

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The warriors of the Kingdom have won a crushing victory against the army of the Lord Lich: the undead have fled in shame to their lands and will not soon decide to leave them.

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