Snow Deals: Rudwolf Chest


Snow Deals: Rudwolf Chest

Citizents of Elenia!

Sellers with the most bizarre goods and New Year's souvenirs continue to arrive to the capital from all corners of the Kingdom. Look to one side and you'll see holiday treats and drinks, look to the other side and you'll see magical costumes and decorations. But what's in these boxes?

Shards of the rare mount Rudwolf have been recently sent us from snow-covered Aranta. Quick as a wind and powerful as a storm Rudwolf would be a reliable companion in the most dangerous adventures. Unfortunately, the caravan was attacked with a pack of goblin marauders outside Aranta. The robbery failed but all goods got jumbled and were put back to their boxes in a haphazard way.

Starting from 21:00 GMT on December 24 and up to 20:59 on December 26 the Premium Store will offer you Rudwolf Chest.

The chest may contain one of following:

  • Shard of Rudwolf (x1);
  • Red Philosopher’s Stone (1 - 20);
  • White Philosopher’s Stone (1 - 20);
  • Black Philosopher’s Stone (1 - 20);
  • Arconite Sealing Wax (1 – 20);
  • Random Elixir (x3);
  • Four-Leaf Clover (x4);
  • Aqua’s Crystal (x4);
  • Maiden’s Ticket (x10);
  • Seal of Horror (x1);
  • Random Seal (x5).

Go on the adventure on your faithful companion!

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