Merging servers: registration


Merging servers: registration

Dear friends!  
We are glad to inform you that soon a moment will come which we have been preparing for a long time — merging servers of the Royal Quest. It is no secret that many activities in the game require the efforts of a group of players, and sometimes even more — the whole guild. One of the main advantages of the world server — you can make new friends and go together to new victories. More players — more fun!

The merger process will take place in three stages:

1. On November 5, 2020 you will be able to go to portal, create an account and synchronize it with your account at You will receive detailed instructions in the mailout on November 5.
2. On December 1, 2020 the server Elgore is closed. Activities start to transfer users’ data.  The process will approximately last about a day. Your accounts are transferred to the Logrus server. Until the procedure is complete, you will not be able to play on your familiar characters.   
3. Completion of the transfer. After that you will be able to go on adventures on an international server. Access to the server will be blocked, but the website will continue to operate as an archive. You can find out the latest news on portal.

To transfer your characters, you need to make a few simple steps:

1. Go to and register an account (in any available way: via e-mail or proposed social networks).
2. If you have registered through a social network, you need to link and confirm your e-mail in order not to miss messages from the project team.
3. Go to your personal cabinet, to the section «Settings and security» and find there the Royal Quest icon and the button «LInk Account».
4. You will be redirected to to enter your account data and to confirm the synchronization between your and accounts.

Done! Now, follow the news and mailouts, detailed information about further actions will be sent around the end of November, to the email address that you specified on the portal

Please note:

Be sure to confirm your e-mail on the portal, otherwise further instructions will not be delivered.
Now you can continue to play on the server Elgore until the transfer of characters, which is scheduled for December 1, 2020.


• Is the server of being closed?
  Yes, we unite players with an international server in the implementation of our new game portal
• What will happen with my game items?
  Do not worry, all game items will be moved with the character.

• What will happen with my achievements?
  Information about all the achievements will be saved.

• What will happen with my list of friends?
  Information about the list of friends will not be transferred. You will need to add players to your friends again.   

• How long will it take to transfer the characters?
  Presumably, about a day.

• I know that there are three Russian-speaking servers. To which of them will my characters be transferred?
  All characters will be transferred to the server Logrus. In the future you will be able to change the server yourself.

• What happens if my nickname is already occupied by another player on the new server?
  When you enter the game you will be prompted to change your character nickname for free.

• What will happen if I have special symbols in my nickname that are not available on the Russian server?
  All symbols must be available.

• I played through Steam, can I continue playing through it?
  No, access to the game will be through a special portal You need to link your Steam account to log in via Steam (on the login page), log in to your personal cabinet (My Account) and register your e-mail and password using the E-mail and Password option.   

• Will all my items be moved from the warehouse?
  Yes, the account will be moved with all valuables, including game currency.

• What will happen with my guild?
  Your guild will be also transferred to Logrus.

• Can I continue playing on the server Elgore until the transfer?
  Yes, you can play on your server until December 1, 2020.

• If  I had a store active at the time of unification, what will happen with the items?
  All unsold items, received gold, as well as unsold reales, will be sent to your mail in the game.

• I have deleted characters in my account. Will they also be transferred to Logrus?
 No, all characters deleted on Elgore will not be transferred to the new server. If you have the characters you want to restore, please do it until November 30, 2020 by contacting the  technical support.

• Will the English-speaking forum continue to work after the merger? Where can I contact the administration if I have any questions?
  The forum remains open until the merger is complete. After that moment the forum will be readable for some time, but you will not be able to post there any more. For more details and questions about the merger, please contact the technical support or write to our official Discord-server.   

• Will the cost of buying reales on the website change?   
  Yes. Packs and purchase prices of reales will be the same as on Russian-speaking servers.

• My account on Elgore is blocked. What will happen with my account after the merger?
  The account is transferred in its current state, i.e. it will remain locked.

If you have any questions, you can contact the technical support or our community manager on this topic or on the official Discord server.

See you in the game, heroes!

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