The «Gifts of the Leprechaun Game Event»


The «Gifts of the Leprechaun Game Event»

Heroes of Elenia! 

Starting from 9:00 GMT on July 27 and up to 7:00 GMT on August 10 the «Gifts of the Leprechaun» in-game event will take place: new items of equipment, restocking the premium store and other changes are already waiting for you on the world of Aura. 

The «Gifts of the Leprechaun Game Event»

Leprechauns are stingy folk, and they don't like to share their gold with others. Luck, embodied in their beloved four-leaf clover, is another matter. Once a year, in mid-summer, leprechauns hold a festival of shared luck. During these days, all people who love four-leaf clovers can get magical leaaflets that give them good luck. Join the festivities and you're sure to be lucky! 

With the start of the in-game event when you use special expendable item «Four-leaf clover» killing  monsters on all locations you can drop «Clover Leaflet» that gives +5% to the chance of obtainingt items for 5 minutes when used. The item is not bound, so it can be sold on the market or traded to other players. 

Featurey: When a character uses the Clover Leaflet for the first time, he gets a buff-counter of used Clover Leaflets (similar to the counter of used arrows of Love in the event «St. Vallen's Day»). The next Leaflet cannot be used before 1 minute. After 25 used Lealets the Buff-Counter disappears and a personal, tempting-looking «Leprechaun Gift» chest appears in front of the character, from which you can obtain gold, gems, summon seals and also the new event equipment items and recipes 


The Clover Leaflet feature works only during the Gifts of the Leprechaun in-game event. At other times, the Clover Leaflet can be used as a common consumable item, but without the Buff-Counter and a reward Chest. 

New equipment slotted items created similar to the OtherLand or «St. Vallen's Day» items. Items created from recipes acquire the property «personal once it is worn». 

Holiday goods 

For the duration of the in-game event from 9:00 GMT on July 27 and up to 7:00 GMT on August 10, the Premium Store will offer you the new box «Leprechaun Treasure», from which, in addition to the usual valuable items, you can get the «Golden Step"decoration. The box «Leprechaun Treasure» costs 9 reales, «Leprechaun Treasure» x1090 reales.  

Other changes:  

  • Added new transmutation card: Card of Summer (deals 17-30 fire damage when you attack);  

  • Added new monster cardCard of the Dark Carabus (+15% gold earned from monsters and chests, 6 stamina, 1 to mana and energy restorationtion).  


Gifts from the faerie people: 





  • Royal Blessing (7 days); 
  • Four-Leaf Clover (10 pcs); 
  • Lucky Dog Elixir (5 pcs). 

Important: the promo code can be activated up to 30 August, one at least character of the 35 level and more at your account 

If you find any bugs, please contact

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