Royal Quest


Start of the merge

Dear friends!  
We are starting the procedure of account transfer. This means that very soon you will be able to play on the international server! The server Elgore is no longer available to login.  
To start playing on an international server, you need:  

1. Sign in to the portal under your account with  
2. Download and install the application 1C Games.  
3. Install the new version of the game Royal Quest.  
4. Wait until the end of the transfer of characters.

More information about the merge
See you in the game!

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Weekend Deal

Starting from 21:00 GMT on March 5 and up to 20:59 on March 7 the Premium Store will offer you Small Tsonokwa Boxes!

Royal Quest


Maintenance on March 6 [30 minutes]

The game servers will be offline on March 6 for 30 minutes starting at 7 AM GMT/UTC.

Royal Quest


Important information

Please mind that the transfer of your characters when you enter the game for the first time through the 1C application, may take up to 30 seconds. Please don’t break the process and wait until it will be over.

Royal Quest


Merging servers

The process of merging the international server has been successfully completed, all accounts are available for playing. All your characters you can find in the game world Logrus.

Royal Quest


Game update (March 3)

Brand new league system, the first iteration of an updated game sound engine, bug fixes and much more. Let’s plunge into it.

Men of War II: Arena