Start of the merge


Start of the merge

Dear friends!  
We are starting the procedure of account transfer. This means that very soon you will be able to play on the international server! The server Elgore is no longer available to login.  
To start playing on an international server, you need:  

1. Sign in to the portal under your account with  
2. Download and install the application 1C Games.  
3. Install the new version of the game Royal Quest.  
4. Wait until the end of the transfer of characters.

More information about the merge
See you in the game!

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Weekend sale is on for everyone!

Starting from 21:00 GMT September 24 and up to 20:59 GMT September 26 you have a chance to get the Royal Quest Packs - Royal Guard Pack, Champion of Aura Pack and Welcome Pack - just for 40%.

Royal Quest


Giveaway on Discord

On the #giveaway channel, we are giving away some premium accounts. To participate, select the desired reaction under the raffle.

Royal Quest


Maintenance on September 21

The game servers will be offline on september 21 for 2 hours starting at 7 AM GMT/UTC.

Royal Quest


Wings in the style of OtherLand!

Starting from now and up to maintenance on September 21 the Premium store will offer you three types of wings and Contrast Wings Box.

Royal Quest


Enchantment Magic

Starting from 20:59 GMT on September 10 and up to 20:59 GMT on September 12 for every 4 Arconite Sealing Waxes you spend, you are getting one Wax back!

Royal Quest