Changes in the Game Rules on August 16, 2021


Changes in the Game Rules on August 16, 2021

Dear players!

Please be informed that today, 16 August 2021, the Game Rules actual in Royal Quest have been amended. The main changes are shown below.

2.4.1 Abuse: Creation of multiple accounts in order to obtain in-game advantages and also to misuse the bonuses of the game account (daily rewards in the game, free promo codes etc.).

Penalty: Suspension from gameplay for a period up to 5 years for all game accounts caught in an abuse.

These changes will allow the more effective work with breachers who intentionally create multiple accounts for using the game vulnerabilities etc. Please note that the given changes do not affect players not breaking the game rules and do not restrict you to use any number of the game accounts you cinsider nesessary, providing you do not break the Game Rules.

Also the following point has been added to the Game Rules:

3.4.8 Appeals related to cases of violation, the statute of limitations of which at the time of the appeal is more than 365 days, shall not be subject to review.

The full version of the Game Rules

Enjoy the game!

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