Heroes of Elenia!  

The holidays are over: the salads are already finished and the decorations are put away until next year. And that means it's time to shake the dust off our weapons and armor and set out to make Elenia proud of you again! 

A royal order has declared the beginning of the Winter Hunting Season! 

Starting from 21:00 GMT on January 19 until 20:59 GMT on January 23, you will have to reduce the population of especially prolific monsters. The most active event participants will get valuable prizes! 

The following monsters are subject to extermination: 

  • characters level 21-30 — Poisonous Spider; 
  • characters level 31-40 — Worker Ant; 
  • characters level 41-50 — Zombie Floater; 
  • characters level 51-55 — Crystalloid; 
  • characters level 56-60 — Cave Nastier; 
  • characters level 61-64 — Lowland Garguar. 

For those who have overcome the hardships of northern weather, a specific Northern Hunt will take place. Characters of 65 level are welcomed to hunt one of the following monsters: 

  • Venomous Angeleasel; 
  • Tundra Sisiutl. 

Characters with best results in each category will be awarded: 

  • The absolute leader in each category — the Aura Champion`s Pack, the «Winter Tale» decoration, 1000 Insignia of Distinction. 
  • The class leader in each category — the Aura Champion`s Pack, 1000 Insignia of Distinction. 


  • the same person can’t be both absolute and class leader; 
  • leaders are counted separately for each of the servers; 
  • to become a leader of your own class, you must kill at least 1000 monsters in the corresponding category to your level; 
  • at the beginning of the event, each participant is assigned with a category of monsters according to his level, and until the end of the event, kills will be counted within this category alone; 
  • the administration reserves the right to introduce incentive prizes. 


  • If I hit monsters in a group with other players, who gets the monster?  

The monster will be attributed to the one who deals the most damage. 

  • If I hit monsters with a summoned rolands/pet, will it count for me? 

Kills by summoned pets and rolands counts for their owner. 

  • Can I trade a decoration for another reward? 

It is possible to trade the the «Winter Tale» decoration for another decoration (except for Iron fist), but not for Insignia of Distinction. 

  • Can I trade the Aura Champion`s Pack for another reward? 

It is possible to trade the Aura Champion`s Pack for 2,000 Insignia of Distinction. 

  • Can you transfer rewards to another character if I win? 

Yes, you may select another character within your account to receive the rewards. 

  • Will the reward be bound?  

The Aura Champion`s Pack is bound to the account, the decoration is bound to the character. 

Happy hunting, heroes! 

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