Update: New Meeting engagement mode and new player profile


Update: New Meeting engagement mode and new player profile


Today, on December 16, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find new game mode «Meeting engagement», player profile, bug fixes, and much more.

New game mode «Meeting engagement»

Meet the new mode, where you will find fast and dynamic battles with interesting secondary tasks. The chance that you will get into this mode in the game is 50%.
• Features of the mode
- Points are awarded only for killing enemy units.
- Echelons open faster, and the battle lasts 10 minutes less.
- Territory is conquered faster than in «Frontline mode».
- There are no AI troops in this mode (Script). Instead, the script calls for an attacking infantry chain, whose fighters appear in the rear after being killed.
- Each map in this mode has its own additional task or unique battle condition.
• Maps and conditions
- Polesie: Along with the script wave 3 elite snipers will also appear. Teams need to find and kill them to gain extra points.
- Coast: The ship's artillery is firing on the clusters of team troops that have detected themselves. Do not stand in one place and try not to bunch up.
- Champagne: The map has special artillery guns that can be captured and used.
• Tactical Advices
- Infantry Commanders are no longer bound to hold the front and can spend all their reserves to destroy enemy troops. But, at the same time, capturing and holding territory on the enemy half of the map will cause enemy script infantry to die and return faster - this will accelerate the gain of points for your team. It is still possible to win through capturing, but now you also need to hold the territory.
- Tank Commanders should be careful to ensure that their armored vehicles are not left without protection and vision. The script infantry, even though it operates in a straightforward manner, can easily destroy a tank using grenades without even being noticed by the rapidly approaching front line.
- Artillery commanders should choose their positions more carefully and take care of their security, because there is no defensive script now. This means that it is much easier for enemy saboteurs or fast armored vehicles to reach your units.

Metagame (Player profile)

• Added a player profile. Here you will find all the necessary information about the player: his statistics, actions and achievements. Before you ask — the achievement system is already under development  and will soon appear in the game.
• To enter your profile, click on the player's portrait in the upper left corner. In addition, you can see another player's profile by clicking on the nickname in the battle results.
• Battle statistics is now moved to the «Battles» tab of the player's profile.
• The content of the profile will be improved and completed over time.

Metagame (Interface)

• When you select a squad of paratroopers in the barracks, the squad itself is now shown instead of the aircraft.
• In the rewards for completing the mission now the images of units are replaced by icons.
• Changed the animation of the step highlight arrows in training.
• Changed animation when hovering over the section with the description of the mission so description is now always visible.
• Rewards and mission titles are height-aligned.
• Fixed highlighting of active links.
•Discounts and long unit names are now correctly displayed when more than two items are hidden under a common heading.


• Added a brief description of the game mode and additional tasks/conditions to the map loading screens.
• Reconfigured the font of the points panel. The panel is now larger and the numbers don't “jump”.
• KV-1S. Increased speed and maneuverability, now they almost reach those of medium tanks.
• KV-2. Increased accuracy at a distance of up to 120 meters and significantly reduced above this distance.
• SPG Ferdinand received an MG-34 in his inventory (not to be confused with the Elephant modification, which had a directional machine gun).


• Fixed the bug that caused the accuracy of snipers to be significantly decreased.
• Fixed the bug with the recall of aircraft to the reserve.
• Fixed camera freezes in the training mission «The basics of tank combat».

See you in the game!

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