Update: Collector unit - machine gun squad DT-29


Update: Collector unit - machine gun squad DT-29


Today, on January 6, a fresh update was installed on the game server. Changes to the metagame, a new collectible unit, bug fixes and much more await you.

Metagame (Player Profile)

• Added "Achievements" tab - all achievements on the account are displayed here with ability to use various filters.
• The latest achievements have been added to the main player profile page.
• Added "Troops" and "Battalions" tabs. They are similar to each other and reflect the statistics of units and squadrons in battle, average damage, silver, and more.
• Redesigned the logic of counting in the "Preferences" tab. Now the graphs do not go beyond the screen and are displayed correctly.

Metagame (Interface)

• The appearance of the table with the battle results has been changed. Now, by default, the name of the unit is shown, if you wish, you can click on a line in the table and expand the unit (a plate with the image of the unit will be shown).
• Sorting in tables has been improved. Now, when you click on the column again, the sorting order is reversed (↑ ↓). Sorting by name has also been fixed and is set by default.
• Switching between the summary of units and enemy losses is now done using the corresponding arrows in the first line of the table.
• Fixed sorting arrows in tables, now they do not overlap the text.
• In campaigns, missions and other places of the interface, where the background pictures have changed, the main menu scene is no longer visible.


• Added the ability to set single cells of the trenches in an arbitrary place. To do this, you need to activate the order "Dig a trench", hold down the Shift button, click on the necessary places and release Shift. The direction can be changed by rotating the mouse wheel.


• Added a new collectible unit - machine gun squad DT-29. These are heavy infantry of the USSR of the 4th level, armed with DT-29 machine guns. You can get the squad for completing "Collector’s challenge" task.


• Reduced accuracy in the preliminary bombardment mode at a distance of 120 meters and below. This mode was conceived to deal with trenches and buildings, not single targets.
• Reduced bonus damage from speed in the tank ramming system.
• SU-122. Reduced rate of fire by 20%, command points increased from 8 to 9.

Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug due to which infantry in the trenches did not occupy the shooting slots.
• The installation of anti-tank hedgehogs and sandbags now uses a layout similar to barbed wire.

See you in battle, commanders!

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