Update: Adding templates and rookie protection


Update: Adding templates and rookie protection

Today, on January 27, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find improvements in the matchmaking, new settings, models, bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (Matchmaking)

• Added more templates and matchmaking options to the matchmaking system.
• Added priority place in the matchmaking queue for premium account holders.
• Added a special system for protecting new players in PvP: in the first 30 battles they will not be able to get into a match against expirienced players.
• Player ranking (MMR) is now taken into account by the balance system when searching for a match.
In the future, we will continue to work on improving the matchmaking system; the main goal is to increase the speed of matchmaking and optimize the queue of players.


 • A cumulative (HEAT) type projectile was added to the game for 1943 regimental gun. Armor penetration - 75 mm, the accuracy and speed of the projectile is similar to high-explosive, in total there are 5 rounds of this type are in stock (after their use, the ammunition is replenished). This gun has its own hotbar with the possibility of a customising.


• Reduced the range of automatic anti-aircraft guns with 20-37 mm caliber against aircraft.
• Corrected receiving points for destroying enemy units in all game modes: their total cost in the battle remained the same, but now they correspond to the battle rank of the units. Killing infantry now gives less points, and destroying expensive heavy armoured vehicles gives more points.
• Reduced horizontal aiming angles of the artillery gun on the map «Champagne» in the «Meeting engagement» game modes. These guns now control a smaller area and are easier to bypass.
• The FG-42 now uses rifle ammo.


• Added a new model for SPG SU-122.
• Added a new model for the train station on the map «Kursk fields».


• Fixed the maximum number of mortars (level 3) in slots.
• Fixed bug when BM-13 «Katyusha» could not move after salvo.
• The «Komsomolets» under bot control are no longer carrying guns behind the front line to the enemy.

See you in the game!

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