Update: Hitmarkers in direct control


Update: Hitmarkers in direct control

Today, on February 3, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find new units, a new map in the «Meeting engagement» game mode, bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (interface)

• Campaigns now have a text description.
• Reworked the display of rewards in missions and tasks. The icons for gold, free experience and premium status are now highlighted in yellow, as everywhere else, units names are no longer cut.
• Improved the tutorial texts for levels 2 and 3.
• Changed and improved interface animations in missions, campaigns and tasks.
• Improved section selection animation in the main menu and player profile. The buttons are no longer blinking,  the animation of the green bar displaying the section selection is fixed.
• Fixed battalion progress bar on different monitors. Its thickness is now always the same.

Metagame (balance)

• Fighter aircraft, attack aircraft, and reconnaissance aircraft have now been divided into a separate «Frontline Aviation» class. All battalions with these aircraft in their echelons got their support slots appropriately marked. The main change is that sapper and assault regiments didn't receive them on all of the support slots. This will reduce air spam possible with these battalions.


• Added hitmarkers for shooting in direct control. A diagonal white cross will quickly appear and disappear near the cursor or aiming point when dealing damage and damaging modules.


• A new unit will be added to the USSR technology tree — the medium tank T-34-76 version 1941.
• Added a SMG recruit with DS-38 and a stack of RGD-33 as an anti-tank grenade to collectible units of the USSR. We will inform you about the ways of obtaining this unit in near future.
• The MG-26(t) MG squad has been added to the German collectible units, which can be obtained by completing the «Collector’s challenge» task in February.


• Added the «Suburb» map to the «Meeting engagement» game mode. A special condition of the map is to capture important areas: both teams are ordered to capture the same area displayed on the map and on the mini-map. The condition for a successful capture is that the entire area is on your territory. You have five minutes to complete the task, and if you are successful, the team will receive 100 points. Tasks to capture areas are given every 5 minutes.
• Improved the «Carpathians» map according to the feedback from the players. Added shelters and changed terrain to provide covered positions for howitzers and SPG in the rear.


• Added a new model of Flak 36.


• Fixed the bug with reduced recovery time of aircraft by switching the type of attack after a flight.
• Removed the ability to shoot out of the building through walls (at the player's command) for firearms.
• Added preloading of sounds of units, which will be taking part in the session (performance and stability fix).

See you in the game!

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