Update: Sub-Caliber Shells


Update: Sub-Caliber Shells


Today, on February 10, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find new settings,mechanics of sub-caliber shells, bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (interface)

• Added cancellation for matches that were lost due to a crash, but still assigned to a player.
• If there is no information in the unit statistics and player rating sections, you will see a message that the section is empty (as in other parts of the interface).
• Achievements in the profile are now sorted from largest to less significant.

Metagame (interface fixes)

• The matchmaking tooltip now shows the correct picking level.
• Fixed a visual bug that caused experience to disappear in the technology tree after viewing unit statistics in the profile.
• Fixed a bug that caused the battle rank to freeze when quickly removing units from slots, even though the slots were already empty.
• Fixed a bug that caused battalion levels to be displayed incorrectly in missions.
• Fixed a bug when some units available to install in a slot were not displayed after slot manipulation.
• Fixed bug with inaccessibility of a slot after moving units.
• Fixed fractional values in unit comparisons in the technology tree (shown as an integer).
• Fixed a bug that caused the navigation block in the lower right corner (difficulty selection, game mode and "Play" button) to become narrow and unreadable on monitors with a display resolution other than 1920x1080.
• Fixed the counter of rewards in the warehouse (was not displayed in the menu).
• Fixed bug with freezing in the tutorial.


• Units from the pre-order packs have been added to the store and the technology tree.


• Mechanics of sub-caliber shells have been added to the game: they are armor-piercing ammo with different characteristics. The penetration is greater than that of a typical armor-piercing shell, but the effect of the tilted armor in calculating penetration is greater. The armor effect (damage) is significantly lower. As part of the testing this shell has been added to the premium Hetzer.  This vehicle needed improvement and its small prevalence would allow the data on the performance of the innovation to be collected without harming the overall balance.


• The Pz IV Ausf H and Pz IV Ausf D tanks received smoke ammo.
• Pz IV Ausf H, Pz IV Ausf D and Hetzer received separate hotbar settings.
• Added a small delay between the appearance of the capture zones on the map «Suburb» in the «Meeting engagement» game mode.
• Increased the re-call time of aircraft from one slot from 40 to 60 seconds.
• The Flak 36 barrel lowering angle was increased to reduce its dead zone.


• Optimized the work of the capture zones on the map «Suburb» in the «Meeting engagement» game mode.
• Fixed bugs in the settings of a number of armored vehicles that did not allow you to switch in direct control to some support weapons.
• Fixed magazine size for MG-26(t) squad.
• Improved connection to the session for slow computers. Now there will not be expulsion for inactivity during loading.
• Removed the restriction on the number of selected sounds of the environment (could stall and not play some sounds). This caused that in the battle absolutely could not hear the entourage sounds of the map, for example, the murmuring of water or birdsong.
• The sound of the interface and the voice confirming the player's orders is played as stereo (not only in the right channel).
• Fixed a bug that caused buildings not to be destroyed by Allied artillery fire.
• Fixed a vulnerability to quickly reduce the noise level of armored vehicles by switching and reloading support weapons.
• Fixed a bug that caused a reconnaissance aircraft not to be taken into the first echelon of the 21st howitzer artillery regiment and the third echelon of the 29th panzergrenadier regiment.

See you in the game!

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