Update: New Winter March map


Update: New Winter March map

 Today, on February 17, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find new settings, map «Winter March», bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (Interface)

• In the «Preferences» tab of the player profile, battalions are now grouped by nation (when pre-sorted).
• The name of the non-reaseached units is now better visible.
• In the technology tree, the background is no longer a scene, but a blurry background that switches according to the selected nation.
• The profile button now has a link to the store where you can buy a premium account.
• When you buy a premium, it is immediately updated in the profile and the countdown begins.

Metagame (Interface fixes)  

• Fixed a bug that caused the rating not to be displayed in the player's profile.
• Fixed a bug that caused the commander's choice of missions to not reset when switching to PvP/PvE and, as a consequence, the player was not allowed into the match.
• Fixed a bug that caused many units to be placed in a barracks slot at once and their number could reach negative values.
• Fixed rounding of fractions in the units characteristics window to tenths, before there could be 3 digits after the point.
• Fixed a bug that caused the task level to be displayed behind the regiment icon meaning it was not visible.
• Fixed a bug that caused navigation to work incorrectly in other people' profiles.
• Fixed a bug that caused an empty slot to show up empty in other battalions too.


• Added a new map «Winter March» with interesting relief and new winter illumination to the «Front Line» game mode.


• Added a few new achievements.
• The Sturmtiger's speed of aiming after stopping is now much slower, like an artillery gun. Reduced accuracy while firing above 250 meters.
• Reduced accuracy of the DShK when firing at aircraft.


• Added new models for Berdan №2 rifle and Dyakonov grenade launcher.


• Improved artificial intelligence of units in terms of target detection. Now a unit does not need to see the enemy with its visor or by the ally's targeting to attack. An enemy lit by territory or noise will be attacked if it is within effective fire range.
• Fixed a bug when a grenade launcher shot passed through a tank when a soldier was firing from the disguise. The penetration occurred, but it was displayed that the grenade flew further.
• Fixed MG-26(t) machine gun squad.
• Improved death by flame. Burning soldiers now fall faster instead of continuing to walk in flames.
• Fixed a bug when you can't build engineering structures after reconnecting to a match.
See you in the game!

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