Premium account development


Premium account development


As you know, there is a premium in the game that helps to significantly speed up the progress of the account, and very soon this system will see a large change! It will include more content, new tasks with unique rewards and other improvements, and the cost of the subscription will be revised and significantly reduced. Also we would like to note that owners of the basic version of the game will still be able to play for free, but there will be a number of restrictions. So to give everyone a chance to fully appreciate all the benefits of the new premium subscription, absolutely all commanders will receive a free two-week subscription! So, more details about the basic version of the game and subscription bonuses.  

What is included in the basic version of the game?  

• The opportunity to play the basic battalions of the USSR and Germany (1st Artillery Regiment, 1st Tank Regiment, 1st Infantry Battalion). 

• Access to all PvP and PvE game modes ( tutorials, battles against players and bots). 

• The opportunity to play in PvE-campaign after its purchase. 

• The opportunity to perform all combat tasks, except for the task of obtaining battalions. 

• Exploration and purchasing of all units in the Technology Tree up to and including level 3 and some level 4 units. 

• Filling starting battalions with level 3 units and some level 4 units (within the rules set for battalions). 

• Any in-game purchases in the game store. 

• Exchange of gold for silver and free experience at the current rate.

What is included in the premium subscription?  

All the content of the basic version of the game with some improvements and a number of other bonuses, such as:

• All current subscription bonuses (+50% to the silver and experience received, storage, experience tokens, and priority in the matchmaking selections).

• The opportunity to play any battalions (after purchasing or unlocking them).

• The opportunity to perform all combat tasks, including the task of obtaining battalions.

• Exploration and purchasing of all units in the technology tree without restriction.

• Battalion filling is unrestricted (within the limits of battalion rules).

• Other content and bonuses that will be added as they appear in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

• When will this change come to effect?  
   Approximately on February 24, but this date may be changed.

• What will happen with my upgraded battalions and high-level units for silver when my premium subscription expires?
   They will be blocked for use, but they will be available again after you renew your subscription.

• Is it possible for me to use units from the premium store in the basic version of the game?
   Of course, you can take these units into the battle by putting them into base battalions.

• I already have a subscription, but because the price will be reduced, will I get a refund?
   Absolutely, we will extend your active subscription in line with the price reduction. 

• What will happen with my regiments that I purchased for gold (88th Heavy Assault Tank Regiment and 29th Panzergrenadier Regiment)?
   The funds spent on them will be returned to your account, but the battalions and units themselves will remain in your possession and you will be able to use them if you have a subscription. Additionally, these battalions can now be purchased for silver rather than gold as was previously the case.

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