Update: Premium subscription system


Update: Premium subscription system


Today, February 24, a fresh update was installed on the game server. A new premium subscription system, some changes in settings and balance, a new unit and much more await you.

New premium subscription system

Added a premium subscription system to the game. We have already reported about bonuses earlier, but we want to talk on some points in more detail:
• For closed units, battalions and tasks available to owners of premium subscriptions, special golden frames have been made so that you can easily distinguish them from those available in the base version of the game. After purchasing a subscription, the frames disappear and all content becomes available to you.
• If you have already unlocked the single-player Soviet campaign, you can play it even without a subscription.
• Chains of tasks for obtaining battalions become available only for players with a premium account, price of any battalion cannot be lower than 25% of the original.
• The 88th heavy assault tank regiment and the 29th tank-grenadier regiment are now available to subscribers for silver. Those who previously bought those for gold will be compensated with the full cost in gold. Regiments will remain on the account.
• Introduced limit on the maximum amount of silver on the account (100,000). Limit do not apply to subscription holders.
• The cost of a premium subscription has been reduced by about 2 times. Those who bought the premium earlier will have the subscription duration doubled.
• All players get 2 weeks of premium subscription for free.

Metagame (Interface)

• The window for opening a unit has been reworked - the historical information has been removed, only the data about the experience remains.

Metagame (UI fixes)

• Fixed flashing of icons when picking up.


• Made blinking icons of selected units on the minimap to help with orientation.


• Battalion level no longer affects matchmaking – highest level troop does.
• Reduced the chance of getting into the "Encounter Battle" mode when searching for a match. Cards "Champagne" and "Coast" in this mode are temporarily disabled.
• Improved matchmaker templates to get more equal battles.
• 1st tank regiment. Added the ability to mount tank destroyers in the fourth slot of the third echelon.
• 1st Infantry Battalion. Added the ability to install air defense guns in the third slot of the first echelon and in the second slot of the second echelon.
• 1st artillery regiment. The level of the first slot of the third echelon has been increased from the third to the fourth.
• For T-28, T-28E, Pz 3F, Pz 3N and Pz 4E tanks, the slot capacity has been reduced from 3 to 2, but 3 units can still be installed in the slots of the third echelon.


• A new tier 2 unit has been added to the USSR tech tree - a motorized rifle squad on a T-20 "Komsomolets" tractor. It occupies a place between the GAZ-AA truck with infantry and the M3A1 armored personnel carrier.


• Reworked the ballistics of the Maxim machine gun to reduce the percentage of bullets that hit the ground.
• The machine gun attack from the I-16 fighter has been improved. It now matches the marker better and is more effective versus infantry.

Bug fixes

• Fixed the "flying effect" of artillery guns, which occurred after detaching a gun on difficult terrain.
• Fixed a bug due to which the crew of the T-28 did not receive stun effect.

See you in the game, commanders!

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