Developer's diary


Developer's diary

Hello, friends!

The third nation to appear in Men of War II: Arena will be the United States of America. In this issue of the developers' diary we would like to tell you more about the United States Infantry, as well as about some plans for the further development of this faction. We wanted to embody the military machine of the United States of America so that the troops in the game would perform the same roles as their historical prototypes.

U.S. infantry units can be divided into two categories: standard units and unique units. The standard units will have their counterparts in the Soviet and German technological branches. For now we will talk about their armament and make a comparison with the nations that are already in the game.

By the beginning of the war the United States saturated their army with automatic weapons: Browning machine guns, M1 Garand semi-automatic rifles and M1 Carbines with rifle ammunition. The semi-automatic rifles and carbines took over some of the tasks of submachine guns. Such armament often gave an advantage over the enemy in weight of combat salvo and allowed fighting without getting close to the enemy. The abundance of semi-automatic rifles in the infantry allowed the suppression of the enemy even without the use of machine guns.


U.S. rifleman recruits will be armed with the M1903 Springfield magazine-loaded rifle. It is an analogue of the Kar98 / Mosin rifles. The advantages of the American arms industry will be realized in the arming of regular army and veteran shooters. Their main weapon will be the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle. Due to a special cartridge feeding mechanism these rifles have a much higher rate of fire than the classic Kar98 or Mosin magazine rifles, but a lower rate of damage.

Machine Gunners

Their main weapon is the Thompson M1928 assault rifle, which had many nicknames at the front, such as "Tommy-Gun”. It is currently the largest caliber submachine gun available in the game. It will have high damage per bullet, but a lower rate of fire than other submachine guns.

Level II MGS infantry

Their main weapon is the M1918A2 B.A.R. machine gun with a 20-round magazine. BAR's will reload quickly and deal high damage with a single bullet, but the disadvantage will be frequent reloading.

Level IV MGS Infantry

Their main weapon is an impressive size M1919A6 machine gun with a belt of 250 rounds. With this machine you can stand up to an entire platoon. But when it comes to reloading, be prepared to cover the machine gunner. It's going to take a long time for this guy to reload.


For regular US snipers the basic weapon will be the M1903 Springfield magazine rifle, and for elite snipers it will be the M1 Garand rifle with telescopic sights


Pathfinders will be just like jaegers and  sentinels - they would have increased detection range of stealth infantry of the enemy. Their main weapon is M1 Garand.

Independent infantry units

U.S. units will already have a Bazooka in their squad at level III, while Soviet and German units only have rocket-propelled grenades in their independent infantry units at level V.


There will be five soldiers in the Level IV U.S. Airborne detachment. Four would be armed with the M1 Carbine and one with the M1918A2 B.A.R. machine gun. Such an arsenal gave the paratroopers the firepower they needed once they landed. During Operation codename Overlord, light automatic weapons assisted in the capture of beachheads. The concentration of fire helped to suppress the enemy, while heavy machine guns had yet to be unloaded on shore.


Rangers were originally a reconnaissance unit. During World War II, their range of tasks was expanded - rangers participated in amphibious and sabotage operations. In the game the squad consists of 5 men: two rangers with Thompsons and Bazooka, a ranger with a B.A.R. machine gun and a ranger with a Winchester shotgun. The rangers will be equipped with bulletproof vest, which will increase their survivability in combat.


The Marines belonged to the U.S. Army from its inception and only later became an independent unit under the Navy. Marines proved an indispensable tool in combat in the Pacific theater of operations. In the tropics they had to operate in small groups, in terrain that was difficult to access. Marines participated in the Battle of Iwo Jima, which resulted in a victory for the U.S. Army. The Marine detachment will consist of five men - four Marines with the M1 Garand and one with the Johnson machine gun.

Special troops

Units such as artillerymen, medics, engineers, and a few others will receive the M1 Carbine self-loading rifle. This makes them more dangerous than similar fighters from other nations at close range.

The new nation will also have unique units that have no analogues in the research trees of the USSR and Germany.


Raiders units have been created in the United States since 1942. They belonged to the U.S. Marine Corps. Historically, the list of tasks of this unit included assault and sabotage operations. In the game this troop unit will be available at level VI. These soldiers have high marksmanship skills, high survivability and serious weaponry. The squad will include five men: two paratroopers with M1 Garand semi-automatic rifles, two paratroopers with Thompson rifles and Bazooka hand grenade launchers, and one machine gunner with B.A.R. The squad is a danger even in the midst of combat, but has the ability to get into the enemy rear on a plane. Even a tank may not be enough to dislodge such a squad from the rear - these guys have anti-tank grenade launchers. Raiders are unlikely to leave the enemy indifferent after their raid and are likely to force them to say goodbye valuable units and territory.

Airborne devils

Premium level IV airborne special forces unit. Airborne devils are saboteurs who drop from the sky into the enemy's rear. And once they are behind enemy lines, they have something to occupy the enemy. The squad consists of 5 men - a squad leader with a Thompson assault rifle and a set of various grenades (including signal and anti-tank grenades), a machine gunner with a 7.62 mm M1941 Johnson and three bombers with an M1 Carbine and a set of explosives in the form of dynamite, remote mines and signal grenades.

Grenadier with М18 recoilles rifle

A level V unit consisting of two fighters armed with the M18 recoilless grenade launcher. This weapon has a greater range of attack than any hand grenade launcher in the game. The grenade launcher will work well against medium and light armored vehicles, and if necessary, against enemy infantry with fragmentation ammunition. Yet it still handles heavy armored targets worse than the good old Bazooka.

Willis AT

American infantry was highly mobile, which was strategically important in maneuver warfare. Mobility was achieved through the use of motorized vehicles. The Willis AT is a light vehicle with two Bazooka twin grenade launchers. It will be a fast vehicle that will have no problem sending a gaping tank to the scrapheap. Bazooka can penetrate relatively thick armor, which allows this maneuverable machine to cope even with heavy enemy armor. It is worth bearing in mind that competent armor cover will easily disrupt flanking maneuvering plans.


Armored vehicle with Browning 12.7 mm machine gun. Historically used in the U.S. Army as a command vehicle or as an ammunition supply vehicle. In the game this vehicle can be used not only to support infantry units with fire, but also to capture enemy territory.

The new nation will also have unique regiments. One of them is almost ready- the Air Assault Regiment. The gameplay feature of this regiment is a large number of slots for airborne and support aviation. This regiment will be able to take level VI paratroopers, i.e. Raiders.

We hope you were interested in learning more about the U.S. infantry, which will soon appear in all its glory on the battlefield. Soon we will tell you about the other innovations that will appear in the game along with the release of the new nation.

See you next time in the next issue of Developer's Diaries!

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