Update: tournament functionality


Update: tournament functionality


Today,  the April 7th,  a fresh update is installed. The first part of tournament functionality, bug fixes, and more.

Tournament lobby

• The first iteration of the tournament functionality has been added to the game. Please note, the creation of the lobby is only available to the administration team. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming tournaments.
• The lobby consists of three teams: "Team A", "Team B" and observers.
• The tournament creator can create a lobby and invite three team captains.
• Team captains can assemble their team through the usual team interface directly in the lobby, or assemble the team in advance and wait for an invitation from the wizard.
• Observers can watch the battle on behalf of a specific player and switch between players via the player list at the top of the screen.

Metagame (Interface)

• Improved switching between the "Change Troop", "Details", and "Equip" tabs: the active tab is highlighted in green.
• Fixed Ctrl+RMB in the barracks: the number of units in the slot is now set correctly.
• Added an indication of current magazine/cartridge fullness to the "Reload Weapon" order button.

New features:

Substantially refined grenade and explosive throws for a number of situations where infantry were having difficulty and could not execute the order. Throwing now works great for the following series of situations:
• Ordered to be thrown beside yourself.
• Ordered to throw at an object the infantryman is standing close to.
• Ordered to throw steeply up onto a terrain ledge.
• Ordered to drop from the edge of a landscape ledge.


• The chassis of heavy armored vehicles has been improved. Maximum speed remained the same, but responsiveness in control increased.
• Armored level 1-2 armored vehicles received bags and shovels in their inventory.
• Reload speed of the T-28 tank gun has been reduced by 0.5 seconds.


• A new model of the Jagdtiger SPG has been added.
• Added new model of antitank gun PTRD.


• Added new sounds of mortar rounds.


• Fixed a bug that caused the infantry animations of pushing the gun, rotating levers and other crew actions to continue to play after the gun was destroyed.
• Fixed a bug which caused the recharge indicator of antiaircraft guns to jump when in air defense mode.
See you on the battlefields, commanders!

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