Update: Metagame


Update: Metagame


Today,  the April 14th, a fresh update is installed. Brand new training missions, bug fixes, and more.

Added a regiment indicator

• If a regiment is not full with units, a yellow indicator will appear next to it.
• If the regiment is not full, its combat rating will be highlighted in red.
• In the Play tab, you wont be able to rush into combat if the regiment is incomplete. You will have to to add units to the regiment.

Fixed lobby bugs

• Fixed a bug where the player would be thrown back into the lobby while manning a regiment.
• Fixed lobby transition.

Changes to lobby teams

• Increased team invitation limit.
• A 1-person team in the lobby will not be disbanded.

Players invited to a team and wanting to join a team

• Are no longer displayed in the top right corner.
• Are displayed in gray in the friends window.
:small_orange_diamond: Show status of invited or want to join.

Added error reports (can be called by pressing F5)

• The player can choose the type of report (error, suggestion, other).
• Specify message subject (brief) and write a message (extended).
• Message can be split into paragraphs with line break and links to videos or screenshots can be inserted (attachments will help much in finding and fixing bugs).
• Added more accurate error messages from the server if a team or lobby was disbanded.

Various Settings

• Reduced the chance of ricochets from armor at 40-50 degrees. Mainly this will allow to hit frontal armor plates of T-34 and M4 tanks with level 3-4 guns.
• Increased an extended zone in which heavy tanks increase their control of allied units' territory.
Developer's Note. This was done to increase their survivability against infantry, which could outnumber the front near the heavy tank and the few escort infantry, leaving the vehicles in a blind spot and more vulnerable to the enemy.


• Two new short missions have been added to the training campaign, "Armor Piercing" and "Scouting." In them you can learn more about the key mechanics of the game, and, of course, get rewards for completing these missions.

Other fixes

• Observers can now switch between players during combat.
• Fixed a bug with a negative amount of troop on the button after a recall.
• Fixed bug with throwing grenades. In direct control, the infantryman would not turn toward the target and throw a grenade not in the direction of the cursor, and the unit would not attack the target if it was not on the hull direction line.

See you on a battlefield, commanders!

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