Double rates!


Double rates!


Have you been eyeing the new troops in the tech tree for a long time, but lacked the experience and silver to acquire them? This weekend gives you a chance to get them - the main headquarters announced double XPs and increased drop rates!

From April 17th to April 19th at 10:00 AM (CET) you will be getting twice the XP and silver for every PvP-battle. Don't miss this great opportunity to quickly boost up your troops and pack your army!

Get ready for battle, this weekend will be hot!

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Weekend Deal

The Premium Store will offer you 50% discount on all Golden Transmutation Cards and Elemental Cards!

Royal Quest


Game update (May 5)

Bug fixes, various gameplay tweaks, and minor metagame adjustments await you.

Men of War II: Arena


Warrior’s Day

Every year the whole kingdom of Elenia celebrates Warrior’s Day in honour of General Maximus and his amazing victory over the Undead Army of Ngalu, the Lich Lord that cost General Maximus his life.

Royal Quest


The Relict Chest and Officer’s Cap on sale

The Premium Store will offer you the special goods for the duration of the event!

Royal Quest


Undead hunting: results

The warriors of the Kingdom have won a crushing victory against the army of the Lord Lich: the undead have fled in shame to their lands and will not soon decide to leave them.

Royal Quest