Update: Metagame


Update: Metagame


Today, the April 21th, a fresh update is installed. Bug fixes, map for duels and more.

Metagame (Tournament Lobby)

• When a tournament lobby is created, the gamemaster and his team will immediately become observers.
• The gamemaster may add his team to the tournament.

Metagame (Interface)

• Added the ability to attach images (maximum 5 at a time) via Ctrl+V to the bug report, and separated interface for “interface” and “battle” errors.
• Fixed bug with message counter.
• The unit comparison window can be closed by pressing Esc.
• The number of invited players does not depend on its maximum size, only players who accepted the invitation are counted.
• Fixed the number of players in the team, as well as in a tournament and in the window with friends and chat.
• Fixed a bug of the modal window with a hint that the training did not close.


• Improved sniper behavior. Now the distance from which snipers start shooting through the aiming shot is fixed at 30 meters.


• In the tournament lobby  "Village 1 on 1"  is added by  the request of the community. This map has no bots and special settings for the width of the battlefield. This map does not go into matchmaking and has only been added for the tournaments.


• New SU-85 model.


• Reduced armor piercing projectile damage on guns at 100+ meters.


• Fixed direct control sticking, camera sticking, inventory swapping in observer mode in tournament matches.
• Now all the guns can break the wheels, which leads to a decrease in the speed of their movement.

See you on a battlefield, commanders!

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