Men of War II: Arena


Closed beta test: soon


On March 31 at 18:00 Moscow time the Men of War II: Arena game will start its closed beta test on the Russian servers! 

You can already get a gift, apply for CBT or buy one of two early access packs, the purchase of which guarantees you access to the test.

Important: Early Access Packs contain in-game valuables and exclusive units that will be available at the start of the open beta. The cost of the packs is much lower than the price of all the elements separately, and some of the units will not be available long after the start of the game. 

What do I need to do to enter the game?
1. Check your mail. If you have passed the selection at CBT, won a key or bought a paid pack, you will receive an invitation to test today.
2. After receiving this letter, you need to go to portal from your registration mail. At the top of the panel will appear a button for downloading the 1C launcher.
3. Download it and install Men of War II: Arena. 

Please note: the owners of packs «Preventive Strike» and «First Echelon» will receive invitations earlier at 18:00 Moscow time and later. Then, starting from 18:30, the queue for sending out standard invitations will be launched: this is done in order to optimize the load on the game server and increase the speed of downloading files. Keep an eye on your mail and get ready for a battle! 

See you in the game!  

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