Game update (April 28)


Game update (April 28)


Today, the April 28th, a fresh update is installed. Bug fixes, various gameplay tweaks, and minor metagame adjustments await you.


• Fixed bugs that were causing some tasks to be miscounted.

Software tweaks

• Fixed shrapnel damage of grenades and projectiles (shrapnel could stick into bushes and other "thin" objects and not reach the target).


• Fixed bugs in daily task conditions.
• Adjusted splintering through bushes, trees, and other entities.


• New support models for Kursk Fields map.
• New models of rails, tents, etc. on Winter March map.

See you on the battlefields!

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Weekend sale is on for everyone!

Starting from 21:00 GMT September 24 and up to 20:59 GMT September 26 you have a chance to get the Royal Quest Packs - Royal Guard Pack, Champion of Aura Pack and Welcome Pack - just for 40%.

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Giveaway on Discord

On the #giveaway channel, we are giving away some premium accounts. To participate, select the desired reaction under the raffle.

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Maintenance on September 21

The game servers will be offline on september 21 for 2 hours starting at 7 AM GMT/UTC.

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Wings in the style of OtherLand!

Starting from now and up to maintenance on September 21 the Premium store will offer you three types of wings and Contrast Wings Box.

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Enchantment Magic

Starting from 20:59 GMT on September 10 and up to 20:59 GMT on September 12 for every 4 Arconite Sealing Waxes you spend, you are getting one Wax back!

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