Meet the open beta test!


Meet the open beta test!


Four months have passed since the start of the closed beta test, which flew for us as one moment. During this time every day the work was in full swing: new mechanics were being added and existing ones were being improved, the interface was being transformed and much more.  

Men of War II: Arena team thanks everyone who was with us all this time and helped to find the right way. Now we are adding the finishing touches to the game and are ready to announce the start date of the open testing, which we have been confidently going to all this time: Day X is scheduled for July 29. 

On this day, everyone will be able to log in to Men of War II: Arena, gather the army as they please and go to the front line to plunge into an inexpressible atmosphere of battle and tactics.  

Remember: the owners of «Preventive Strike» and «First Echelon» packs will have the opportunity to get priority entry and all the bonuses at the start. If you do not have a set yet, we advise you to hurry up with the purchase, only a few days left until the end of sales! Also if you already have a «Preventive Strike» pack, but want more bonuses, you can upgrade it to the «First Echelon» pack to get even more currency, units and single-player campaign for the USSR. Bonuses are never too much! 

See you at the front, commanders!

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