Game update (June 9)


Game update (June 9)


In the upcoming update you will find small metagame changes, a new lobby system and much more.

Metagame (Interface)

• Added the ability for all players to create a lobby to start a friendly game.
• A separate window shows all currently active lobbies.
• There is an option to run both missions, PvP and PvE battles.
• Added built-in chat for easy communication between players.
• You can choose bots automatically or choose their level and specialization (specialization/level) yourself.
• The following modes are available: counter combat, frontline or frontline without AI defense.

Added new lobby settings

• Added battalion level limit option.
• Added ability to limit by nation.
• Added ability to hide the visibility of team battalions.
• Added ability to customize the size of teams.
• Added ability to change bot difficulty level.
• Added a background image of the selected map in the lobby and tournament.
• Added ability to see the list of all players in the team or in the lobby.
• Added displaying bot profiles in battle results.
• For the battles conducted through this lobby silver, MMR and league ranking are not calculated.

Updated friends menu

• Changed display for team chats.
• New icons appeared.
• You can see the participants from the detailed menu in the open chat or by clicking on the number of participants in the open chat.
•  All actions with players (such as view profile, remove from the team, add to friends) are available in a new window with the list of participants.
• Team members are no longer displayed directly below the team chat, only in a new window with the list of members.
• Different options are available in the all members window, depending on the role of the player (e.g. group leader, group member, lobby leader).
• Add players to lobby or tournament only from the tournament or lobby by calling "Add Player" menu and clicking on player name in the friends list menu, the option to add to lobby or tournament from friends menu is not available.
• The display for the system chat "HQ" has changed.
• For each friend in the open chat when calling options all commands are available to interact with them.
•  In the friends menu, when hovering over a player's name, only the add to team (or remove from team for team leader) button is available.

Settings, balance

• Flak 38 (Stationary). Combat rating reduced from 20 to 17. Team points reduced from 4 to 3.
• Sdkfz 251/17. Accuracy of firing on the move has been reduced.
• Jagdtiger. Increased long range penetration.
•  Gewehr 43 Elite Sniper. Corrected magazine size and now equals 10 rounds.


• Reconfigured the sound stage to improve the clarity of individual shooting sounds.


• Fixed some visual artifacts of several old models at minimal graphics settings (acid tanks).
• Fixed a bug with grenade launchers which could cause small farshoot (+2m).
• Fixed a bug which caused Pzb35 rifle to cause internal ricochet after piercing through external modules.
•  Fixed camera on Carpathian map.

See you on a battlefield!

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