Raites and collector's units!


Raites and collector's units!


As you already know, the OBT is not far off. If you have not yet had time to open and test the desired units, then seize the moment — this weekend you will receive twice as much experience and silver for any battles! The rates are already on and will last until July 22 10:00 Moscow time.

In addition, as a part of the closed beta testing, we decided to add collectible units to the game. A number of tasks have already appeared in the tasks section, after the completion of which you can get both premium units and collectible ones.

All tasks are simple — to do a little damage and win a couple of victories, since it is not a test of durability, but an opportunity to test rare units prior to the OBT.

Full list of units in rewards:

- 2x PzKpfw.35 (t);
- 4x Jaeger snipers;
- 2x ZSU-37;
- 2x LG 40;
- 2x 76-mm regimental gun mod. 1943;
- 2x Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D;
- 2x T-34-76E;
- Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbar";
- 29-K;
- Ferdinand;
- ISU-122.

See you in the game, commanders!

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