Game update (July 7)


Game update (July 7)


In the upcoming update you will find changes to the metagame, game balance settings and other fixes.

Metagame (Interface)

• Added protection against flooding in chat rooms (lobby, team, friends). After each sending of any message by the player will be included delay for sending the next message. The more messages sent, the greater will be the delay. The first 3 messages are sent without delay, then the delay is increased smoothly. The maximum delay is 30 seconds. If a player doesn't post anything for 2 minutes, the counter is reset.

Improvements to piercing damage counter

• In case of ricochet, shock damage is not dealt.
• Damage dealt to empty units.
• Fixed a bug in ricochet system that caused 120+mm armor-piercing shells to ricochet.
• Fixed bug where armor-piercing tracer was not rendered after ricochet.
• Reduced impact damage of 120+mm armor-piercing projectiles.


• Tuned bots' behavior against large antiaircraft guns. Now they do not pull them close to the front.
• The 30th air defense regiment bot now has more build options for different levels.


• Fixed rare client crash on exit of the battle.
• Fixed bug which was allowing bot of Soviet self-propelled regiment to call Flakpanzer 1 with small probability.
• Fixed G43 reloading sound.
• Fixed icons for crews of special APCs in reserves.

See you on the battlefields!

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Starting from 21:00 GMT on October 8 and up to 20:59 on October 10 the Premium Store will offer you Small Tsonokwa Boxes.

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Orc Hunt: results

Four intense days of the Orc Hunt are over, and we are keen to share the results.

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Cute Fluffy Helpers

Starting from 21:00 GMT 1 October and up to 20:59 GMT 3 October the Premium Store will offer you Angeleasel Set, Rabbit Carrier and Raccoon Carrier.

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Game Server Closing

On September 30, the Men of War II: Arena game server was shut down. We thank everyone who actively participated in the project life, who fought bravely on the battlefield, and even those who argued in social networks, without you it would have been too boring. However, the closure of the game server is not a reason to be sad.

Men of War II: Arena


Orc Hunt

Starting from 21:00 GMT on September 29 and up to 20:59 GMT on October 3, the in-game event «Orc Hunt» will take place on the expanses of Aura.

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