Update: new training campaigns and new


Update: new training campaigns and new "Kursk fields" map

Today, on August 19, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find the changes in the tutorial system, bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (interface)

• Added an option to skip tutorial for opening missions and move to the next level.
• Reworked hint structure for selecting tutorial missions.
• Tutorial missions are gathered in a separate «Tutorial» campaign.
• Fixed erroneous illumination of the T-40 tank in the training stage when pulling it into the slot.
• Made an icon of a box for the tasks with a large list of awards. When you move the cursor over a box, the content is displayed.
• Fixed description for awards in warehouse window.
• Added display of completed missions.
• Fixed sorting the tasks.
• Fixed display of hints in the chat when joining a team in different states (open/closed chat).
• Fixed the display of a command near the Quick button of creating a command.
• Fixed headers in the window when there are no tasks.

Metagame (Units)

• Added GAZ-AA with infantry to the USSR development tree.
• Added Opel Blitz with infantry to the German development tree.
• Added a machine-gun version of the Opel Blitz with infantry to German collectible units and launched a task to obtain it.


• Improved the damage model of high explosive shells and high explosive shells grenades. Reworked the damage calculation for situations when a high explosive shell hits a component that is not a tower or a frame. This solves the problem of large high explosive shells hitting tracks or gun barrels without causing damage.
• Increased aircraft maintenance time after gunfire or dropping 50 kg bombs.
• Increased the range of Sdkfz 251/16 flamethrowers.
• Improved chassis of Sdkfz 232 and Sdkfz 234. Maximum reverse speed is now the same as that of the front.
• Improved the gearbox characteristics of the armored car Autoblinda 41. It starts, stops and starts reversing faster.
• Increased tower turnaround speed of the BA-64 and BA-20 armored vehicles.
• Increased accuracy while firing at buildings and guns with Brummbar SPG, Bison SPG and early howitzers from early access kits.


• Added a map «Kursk fields».


• New model Stug 3 Ausf. F.
• New model of flamethrower Sdkfz 251/16.
• Fixed a few old icons of models.


• Fixed one more reason of server crash.
• Fixed visibility of effects in fog (you could see the effects of hitting invisible units).
• Fixed howitzer missiles disappearance when shooting at maximum range.
• Fixed the bug that prevented the high explosive shell from inflicting damage through a broken component.
• Fixed ammo of DS-39.
• Fixed the bug that prevented an infantryman from attacking a vehicle by clicking on a damaged component.
• Fixed the bug when you can not order your soldiers to enter the trench with a corpse in a cell of the trench.
• Removed the ability to click on artillery preparation in direct control mode.
• Disabled «Infantry Position Firing» action (temporary solution to cover the vulnerability, in the future it will be redesigned for normal grenade launcher range accounting).

See you in the game, commanders!

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