СBT results


СBT results


The OBT is getting closer and tomorrow the game will open its doors to everyone. But today we want to talk about something else. The CBT phase has been successfully completed and it is time to sum it up. We will start with some interesting facts from the game statistics:
• Over 90,000 combat sessions were launched during the СBT.
• Over 16,500,000 units were called up on the battlefield.
• Over 9,400,000 units were destroyed.
• Grenades became the record-breaker in the number of balance corrections — they were changed 13 times.
• German SMG infantry appeared at the battlefield most often — this unit was called 555.864 times. By the way, they earned the most currency — a good 6,124,987 silver!
• The most destructive unit was the T-28 tank, which caused 40,337,123 damage.
• The most productive unit was IS-2 (1944). Each unit has an average of 3,049 units of damage.

But did something interesting happen to the game itself? There's something to tell about it too.
• Installed 15 updates.
• Added 2 new maps.
• Added 16 new unit models.
• Conducted over 30 internal tests.
• Responded to 475 requests for technical support.
• Drunk 848 849 cups of coffee.
• Technology tree made more informative and convenient.
• The matchmaking system was implemented.
• The interface of battle statistics was improved.
• Added a range of gifts for entering the game.
• Added a system of tasks and awards.
• Implemented the grade of account levels.

There are so much more things behind the scene left uncounted! In these 4 months the game has changed a lot, thanks largely to you, dear friends. We read all your reviews and comments carefully on social networking sites. Visualization and navigation of the technology tree, display of the player on the download screen, the ability to see the available slots and units in closed battalions, changing the lighting on the winter map — all this and much more appeared in the game only thanks to your suggestions and requests. Without your support, the game wouldn't be what it is now, and that's great! We are not going to stop there, we will continue to develop the game and please you with regular updates. We still have a lot of plans and interesting ideas at hand. It's just the beginning!

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