Welcome to the OBT!


Welcome to the OBT!


Welcome to the open beta testing of Men of War II: Arena! We will inform you additionally about the possibility to enter the game for the owners of the «Preventive Strike» packs and for the standard access.

Important! Only the owners of the «First Echelon» can update the game now. Also, please note that the items of the packs appear without notice.

Traditionally, we publish the changes that came into the game with the start of the OBT.

Metagame (Balance)

• Some battalions have been significantly modified.
48th heavy tank regiment. Removed the ability to take heavy 3rd level tanks to the 1st echelon. Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f) tanks received a limit of 1 unit per slot at the 1st echelon.
5th medium tanks regiment. Pz 4 Ausf F2 is now available only in 1 copy at the 1st echelon.
1436th self-propelled artillery regiment. Now you can not take 3rd level SPG and 3rd level tank destroyers in the 1st echelon at the same time. Also removed the ability to take 3rd level  air defence regiment at the 1st echelon.
29th panzergrenadier regiment. Removed penalty of combat rating for «Panzergrenadier» and «Brandenburgers».
12th mechanized brigade. Now you can not put light tanks in the third slot of the 2nd echelon and the third slot of the 3rd echelon to reduce their «spam» on the battlefield.
5th sapper battalion. The support facilities were removed from the second tier slot of 2nd echelon. The auxiliary infantry was removed from the fifth slot of the 2nd echelon. The ability to install armored personnel carriers was removed from the second slot of the 3rd echelon.
• Increased the cost of purchasing battalions. Under the CBT, the conditions for obtaining battalions have been simplified so that everyone has the opportunity to test them. Now the cost corresponds to the real game balance. But don't be in a hurry to get upset, in the future, we plan to add combat missions for some battalions upon the completion of which some battalions can be obtained free of charge.

Metagame (interface)

• Introduced the new training system, where special markers and messages will smoothly guide the player through the interface and training missions.
• Introduced the levels of the player's account, at the moment they are tied to training. The maximum level is now limited.
• Added the flame animations to the «Thank you» window when buying products and packs.
• Added the congratulations window on getting a new level.
• Added and started the game store.


• Added section «Moving to the click point after canceling the action» in game options, allowing you to combine the lifting of an active order (such as throwing a grenade) and an order to move.


• Added new models for IS-1 and IS-2 tanks (1943).


• Fixed the display of armor in meta interface for multiple tanks.

See you in the game, commanders!

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