Update: new Gaz-67B model and improved matchmaking


Update: new Gaz-67B model and improved matchmaking


Today, on August 5, a fresh update is installed on the game server. You will find the changes in the matchmaking, bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (matchmaking)

• The waiting time before the launch of 3 vs 3 PvP match has been increased to 10 minutes, so that more players will not start 3 vs 3 match too quickly.
• The waiting time before launching a PvE or co-op match with two players has been increased to 3 minutes so that more players can enter the session.

Metagame (interface)

• If the T-40 is already open in training then this step is skipped and training is not stopped.
• Added tier indication to premium units in the store.
• The icons of silver, gold and experience were changed.


• Changed picking up mines — now they are going straight into the backpack. Fixed bug when a mine was already detected while placing it.


• Reconfigured the dynamite physics. It will no longer bounce off objects like a ball.
• The accuracy of the Dyakonov grenade launcher has been increased by 15%.


• Added new models for Gaz-67B vehicle (machine-gun and transport versions).


• Fixed several reasons of server crashes.
• Restored showing of breaking component for players of the enemy team (pop-up labels).
• Fixed the bug spawning some special effects in the zero coordinate of the map or vehicle model.
• Fixed ridiculous poses of dead soldiers.
• Fixed the bug due to which an infantryman in a single trench did not affect the front line.
• Fixed the Draw / Hide weapon command.
• Fixed several bugs in the Soviet campaign missions.
• Fixed the bug "Instead of the air strike icon, the mine icon is displayed if you simultaneously select an aircraft and press the hotkey of mines."
• Fixed the bugs concerning the lack of coverage of armor-piercing vehicles with the Solothurn anti-tank rifle and their anomalous accuracy at long distances.
• Fixed a number of problematic samples of vehicles, where cumulative ammunition hitting the body kit elements (boxes and other decorations) led to the ammunition being triggered without causing damage to the vehicle.
• Fixed the icon for the squad of grenade launchers with the Dyakonov grenade launcher.
• Fixed several bugs in localizations.

See you in the game, commanders!

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