The OBT battles are in full swing. We, for our part, study game statistics and read your posts on social networks every day, and today we want to answer the most frequently asked questions. So, here we go!

 • The premium status gives few bonuses. What are you planning to do with it?
As we said before, the list of bonuses of the premium status will be updated, we are already working on it.

 • Will the single-user campaign be further improved?
Absolutely yes. We have read your comments and suggestions (some of them are very good, by the way, we will take them on board) and will work on improving the campaign. The voice will also appear in due course.

 • Why can't I skip the training? I find it boring.
We can see that some players do not like the training in its current form and that the training does not fully meet its requirements, so we plan to rework the system in the near future. The first changes are already scheduled for the upcoming update, skipping the training steps among other things. However, if you are only beginning to play, we recommend you still to complete the training steps.

 • Battalions are too expensive, it takes a lot of time and silver to get them. Make it cheaper!
Opening a new battalion is a serious step in account development, before which the player should gain enough experience at the starting battalion to decide on the further choice of account development. If by that time you  still won’t have enough silver on the account, there will be an alternative option to get some battalions - through a special line of tasks, which is currently under development.

 • Will those who leave the match be punished?
At the moment such players do not get any rewards for the fight, we will think about improving this system. We're also in favor of a fair fight to the end.

 • Where is the game available now?
The game is available for Russia and CIS countries.

• Has the game got a future in cyber sports? Are there any tournaments planned?
We are very interested in the issue of tournaments, but at the moment all efforts are aimed at the development and optimization of the game. In the future, we will certainly return to this issue.

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