Update: Battalion combat task system


Update: Battalion combat task system


Today, on September 2, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find the special series of tasks, new collectable unit, bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (Tasks)

• Added special tasks to the «Tasks» tab: you will be able to get the 21st Howitzer Regiment for the USSR and Germany. You will get a discount for the purchase of a regiment when you complete tasks: the more successfully completed tasks — the greater the discount. Battalions will be yours absolutely free of charge when you complete the task chains!
• To find out the current discount, simply go to the «Troops» tab and select the desired regiment. Next to the button «Buy Battalion» (in the lower right corner of the screen) you will see the current price with a discount. In addition, you will see the progress of the task chain and when you click on it, you will be able to go to the task section and learn the details.
• If you have already purchased the 21st Howitzer Regiment, you can still complete these task chains, because there is a reward for each of them!

Metagame (units)

• Added the light chemical (flamethrower) HT-26 tank to the collectable units of the USSR and the «Collector's Challenge» task upon the completion of you can get this unit.
• If you haven’t got the Opel Blitz machine gun from a previous mission — don't worry, in the future you will still have the opportunity to get it in other tasks.

Metagame (Balance)

• Reduced the capacity of the level 3 mortar slot from 3 to 2 per slot.
• Reworked the battle rank of the attacking aviation of level 4. Aeroplanes require less BR compared to the previous patch.

Metagame (Interface)

• Shown awards for campaign missions.
• Fixed localisation for button hints.
• Fixed the displaying of a completed mission.
• Added sounds for all buttons.
• Updated some old icons.


• Reworked the recycling of points in the «Territory Control» mode: points gain for area advantage was increased by 20% and the points for destruction of enemy infantry were reduced by 30%. This was done in order to shift the current infantry meta from fire support to takeover.
• Improved the manoeuvrability of light tank chassis. Increased the speed in curves for a number of vehicles.
• Brandenburgers and NKVD units can use camouflage bushes.
• A sniper from the NKVD got a SVT 40.
• Increased CP from 4 to 5 at level 2 regimental guns.
• Reduced the accuracy of mortars at 250, 500 and 1000 metres.


• Added a new model of Browning M1919A4 machine gun (put on M3A1).


• The guns now pierce normally and take damage from armour-piercing projectiles.
• Fixed the bug of displaying the inventory.
• Fixed the jamming in the pipes on the map «Kursk fields».

See you in the game, commanders!

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