Men of War II: Arena


Game update (September 9)


Today, on September 9, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find the special series of tasks, new map «Carpathians», bug fixes and many other things.

Metagame (Tasks)

• Added a series of tasks: you can receive some rewards and discounts for 12th mechanized brigade (USSR and Germany).
• Tasks to receive a discount for battalions now begin at level 8.


• Added blinking and display of download progress on the game icon in the Windows taskbar.


• Added a new map «Carpathians».


• Reduced the chance of hitting into the centre of the circle at maximum distances for regimental guns and mortars.
• Reduced the health of the Pz 4F2 by 100 HP.
• Reduced the reverse speed of medium tanks by 15%.
• Improved the manoeuvrability of wheeled armoured vehicles.
• Increased the range of «Bazooka» and «Panzerschreck» to 40 metres.
• Reduced the chance of destroying turrets of the armoured vehicles.


• Fixed the activation of the remote mine.
• Al infantry squads now can not be traded any equipment.
• Fixed the bug with invisible fortification bags by armoured vehicles.
• Fixed the periodic disappearance of the view cone display for scouts.
• Main gun component of AT guns now can not only be damaged but also destroyed.

See you in the game, commanders!

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