Men of War II: Arena


Game update (October 7)


Today, on October 7, a fresh update has been installed at the game server. You will find the special series of tasks, changes in the display of rewards, new sounds, bug fixes, and much more.

Metagame (Tasks)

• Added special tasks to get the 5th medium tanks regiment for the USSR and Germany.

Metagame (Interface)

• Fixed the «Add to friends» button in statistics that appeared next to the nickname.
• Fixed the display of rewards in the warehouse: they are no longer shown if their time has elapsed (previously, it was written «now» there).
• Improved the display of rewards: the list is now displayed as a «Reward Box» in the following cases:
— there is a discount for a regiment + some other reward;
— there are units + more than two rewards;
— there are more than three rewards.


• Modified a 3-person camera for the vehicles. Hotkey [Shift] now also returns the camera from Scope mode to 3rd person mode. Added remembering camera position and smoothly switching from the scope mode to 3rd person mode.


• Added a new model of the M3A1 armored vehicle.


• Added brighter grid and symbols to the mini-map.
• Reworked ricochets: slower and larger projectiles ricochet less.


• Added new sound of Mosin-Nagant.
• Added new sounds of DS, PPS-43, MP-40, MP-38 and StG 44.
• Added new sounds of Walther P38 and Welrod pistols.


• Fixed an automatic selection of NVIDIA graphics cards on notebooks with two graphics cards.
• Fixed the rapid disappearance of a message in a chat room.
• Fixed the operation of air defense regiment on the map of "Carpathians".
• Fixed the destroyed Kettenkrad motorbike model.
• Added M4A2 to the testing ground.

See you in the game!

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