Update: Improved missions and new settings


Update: Improved missions and new settings


Today, on October 7, a fresh update has been installed at the game server. You are waiting for improvements to some task chains, a new model of the Pz 3F tank, bug fixes, and much more.

The Metagame (Tasks)

• Fixed an issue where the regiment's air defense task chain could not be completed.
• Reduced the number of firing points to destroy in the first task of obtaining a regiment of medium tanks of the USSR. For Germany, the condition was changed — instead of firing points, you need to destroy armored vehicles in the amount of 40 pieces. In this case, the current progress will not be lost, but will be transferred to a new task.
• For successful completion of tasks, a new condition has been added — the player must spend 90% of the total match time in the minium match. Players who leave the battle early will not have any progress in the tasks.


• Improved the 3rd person view. Now, when switching to the 3rd person mode, the camera does not jump, but is immediately aimed in the direction of the cursor. Removed the orange circle for units after switching to 3rd person mode.


• New model of the Pz 3F medium tank.


• Reconfigured the action of land mines on infantry. The inner radius of the explosion is increased by 20%. This will help to avoid a situation where it seems that the projectile got under the feet of the fighter, but did not kill him. The shrapnel radius remains the same, but the chance of shrapnel hitting an infantryman has been increased.
• Added experimental settings for rifles, submachine guns, and pistols. Significantly increased accuracy and reduced bullet damage, while the average kill time and weapon effectiveness remained at the same level. This change is intended to reduce the randomness factor in soldiers skirmishes and make infantry combat more readable and controlled. We will be grateful to everyone who leaves their feedback on this innovation.
• SU-76 and ISU-152 can now be installed in slots designed for assault self-propelled guns. This gives more opportunities for their use and increases the variety of assemblies of some battalions.


• Fixed a bug that caused traffic between the client and the server to increase significantly, resulting in ping spikes and lags.
• Fixed a bug where Marines memorized the order to move in a group and constantly tried to get to the point, even after other player commands.
• Fixed bug where the enemy team could see the player's markers on the minimap.
• Fixed bug that allowed guns and vehicles will be remained operational with 0 HP.
• Fixed bug with the repair icon above the tankers which remained above it if the repaired equipment was destroyed.

See you in the game, friends!

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