Update: silver storage system


Update: silver storage system


Today, October 28, a fresh update was installed on the game server. You will find a silver storage system, an updated model of the King Tiger, sound effects for some types of guns and much more.


• Added a new additional storage system to the warehouse. This is an additional reward in silver, given every 5 days. For the first battle in this interval, the player will receive 500 silver, which he can pick up at the end of the period. Holders of premium accounts will be able to receive an additional + 50% silver from base earnings (excluding premium) for each battle. Thus, in just a few days of active play, you can accumulate a significant amount of currency in the storage and pick it up after the timer ends.
• The transition thresholds to the next battalion level have been increased by 60%.
• Battalion level progress display redesigned from line to circle.
• Fixed errors in displaying the battalion level.


• The speed of heavy armored vehicles has been increased by 15%.
• A direct hit from a large-caliber HE shell now destroys tracks of medium and heavy vehicles.
• The turret rotation speed of the HT-26 tank has been increased.
• Changes for the 8th Assault Infantry Regiment. In the third slot of the second echelon, you can now take 15 Marines / Mountain Infantry instead of 10. In the second slot of the second echelon, the level has been increased from 3rd to 4th. This will allow you to take veteran infantry or a level 4 support unit.


• The King Tiger with the Henschel turret has received an updated model.


• Added new sounds for the G41, SVT 40 and Berdan rifles.

Bug fixes

• Fixed incorrectly displayed spread of the cone of accuracy when switching projectiles by F2, F3 in direct control.
• Fixed the high scatter of the SPG's aim reticle that happened after introduction of alternative aiming mode for maps with difficult terrain.

See you in the game, commanders!

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