Update: Improved matchmaking and interface changes


Update: Improved matchmaking and interface changes


Today, on November 4, a fresh update was installed on the game server. You will find matchmaking improvements, interface changes, bug fixes, and much more.

Matchmaking (Template system)

• Added match templates to matchmaking: the whole queue of players is now being processed and the most interesting match is selected on one of the many specific templates . More about the new system:
     — Templates are made in such a way that there will be players of different roles in the match. In addition, the composition of the battalions will be taken into account, not just their type. Thanks to this system now there will always be something to counter the opponent on the battlefield, so the match can be assembled from players with different levels which should reduce queue times.
     — The longer a player is in the queue the more templates are considered for him. Initially, the system will pick up 5x5 matches. If the waiting time exceeds the allowable threshold, the 4x4 match will be collected, then — 3x3. If there are no suitable opponents in the queue for a long time the system can collect a match with a team of 2-3 people against solo players. There will be no selection of matches with an unequal number of participants (4x5 for example).
     — If a player quits the game, he is automatically excluded from the match-making.

Metagame (Interface)

• Notification of the silver storage now appears in two cases:
     — the storage starts to appear in the warehouse;
     — it is time to collect the silver.
• Tasks for opening battalions are now placed in a separate tab.
• In the tasks section, the scroll bar is moved to the very right edge of the screen so that you do not have to move the cursor to the tasks.
• A more detailed hint about the battalion's development progress has been added and appears when hovering over the icon with the regiment level in the «Troops» and «Play» tabs.
• Changed the tooltip on experience tokens.
• Fixed the hint of the experience in the technology tree (the hint was too big).
• Silver which will get into the storage is placed in a separate line in the post battle screen.
• Mission rewards are now displayed inside the plates. Mouseover them to see the details.
• Fixed an error with the «Skip Training» button when it may not have been displayed after certain player actions.
• Fixed an error when training did not end after skipping it.


• ShKAS machine-gun fire for I-16 was developed. In order for it to appear, you must reset the default settings of the hotbar or add the order to fire guns at the I-16 hotbar.
• The required command points for calling Flakpanzer I and DShK AAA were reduced from 4 to 3.
• The required command points for calling Jagdpanzer IV have been reduced from 12 to 11.
• The accuracy of Sturmtiger SPG is increased.


• Added a new model of ZIS-2.


• Redesigned the background scene in the game menu.
• Improved textures of the bottom and shores on the Carpathians map.


• Closed the possibility of blowing up allied units with dynamite.
• Fixed incorrect destruction of motorbike during ramming.
• Ammunition load of an armoured vehicle no longer explodes from the ramming.

See you in the game commanders!

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