Update: New


Update: New "Suburbs" map and Panzerwerfer MLRS


Today, on November 18, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find a new map «Suburb», new model of Panzerwerfer, bug fixes, and much more.

Metagame (interface)

• Added a new version of English localization.
• Fixed the bug with sorting rewards.
• Fixed the counter of new messages from players and team.
• Fixed update of the readiness status of a player in a team after changing a battalion.
• Fixed the display of chat messages.
• Fixed update of the battalion level in the team.
• Messages are now recalculated when leaving the team.
• Fixed animation when creating a team.


• Increased the seismic damage (burying trenches) of Nebelwerfer 42 and Sturmtiger.


• Added the  new map «Suburb».


• Added the new model of Panzerwerfer.


• Changed some outdated interface icons.
• Added missing damage pattern for Stug III Ausf F.
• Fixed camera position on the edge of «Carpathians» map.

See you in the game!

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