Black Friday in Men of War II: Arena!


Black Friday in Men of War II: Arena!


Black Friday came, and it means that you can add premium units to your troops at a great price!  

The game store offers you a 40% discount on 5 and 6 level equipment — ISU-122, Ferdinand and Brummbar. These formidable units will be a weighty argument in the battle for the front line and will help you to win in the most difficult situations.

In addition, do not forget about the great discount on a premium account — as much as 50%! With this useful item you will get more experience and silver, and it means that you will sooner open  desired units in the technology tree and equip your troops with them. So, what does a premium account give you?
• 50% more silver in all modes;
• 50% more experience in all modes;
• full access to the Warehouse functionality, which will allow to get additional +50% of silver for each battle;
• the ability to use special tokens that double the experience of your chosen units in the end of the battle.

Have a nice game!

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Giveaway on Discord

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