Update: New  unit - Artillery spotter


Update: New unit - Artillery spotter


Today, on November 24, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find a new unit — Artillery Spotter, new model of Т-34-57, new settings for some units, bug fixes, and much more.

Metagame (interface)

• Fixed animation when hovering mouse over tasks and missions.
• Fixed the display of rewards in tasks and missions when there are more than two elements.
• Fixed recalculation of experience in the window with battle details when using a tokens and repeatedly clicking on the field of application/cancellation of the tokens.
• Corrected the display of icons in the chat window.


• Added a new unit — Artillery Spotter. They are a 4 level support infantry, do not require a free logistics line (gas canister icon). Soldiers have camouflage like scouts/saboteurs, improved detection of hidden units and a new mechanics — howitzer fire correction and assault SPG, which works as follows: when the player select a howitzer or assault SPG, the radius around the spotter is displayed, in which the firing will work with the bonus. However the bonus does not increase the base accuracy but increases it for consecutive shots, i.e. for the first shot within the correction radius, the accuracy will be the same as for normal shooting, but will be increased twice for the next shot.


• The saboteur squad now has one soldier with a silent pistol and three soldiers with SMG (previously there were 2). At the same time, the silent gun fighter received the mechanics of correction (Artillery spotting).
• Officer from the Brandenburgers squad also received the correction mechanics (Artillery spotting).
• Increased the noise level of rocket artillery. They become visible from the first shot and to go into the fog of war you need to go beyond a larger radius.
• Attach/Detach time of rocket artillery with transport has been significantly increased so that the enemy has a better chance of hitting the unit with return fire.
• The Panzerwerfer 42 is now equipped with the MG-42 machine gun instead of the MG-34 and also has the ability to fire only one rocket at the time.
• Increased paratroopers health from 150 to 200.
• Crew of mine rollers is increased to three, and the frontal armor of the German mine roller is increased to 80 mm.


• The winter version of the map «Village» received another ( night/evening) lighting, where the interface elements and units look more contrasting.


• The medium tank T-34-57 received a new model.
• The DS also received a new model.


• Fixed the bug with 180 degree camera rotation when switching to the third person view mode in direct control and being close to any objects.
• Fixed some flying shelters on the map «Suburb».
• High fences on the map of «Suburb» should no longer absorb large projectiles.
• Fixed the bug, when the spread shields of armored vehicles did not help against cumulative ammunition.
• Fixed the bug with immediate recharge of Sturmtiger in reserve.
See you in the game!

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