Update: New unit changes and new models


Update: New unit changes and new models


Today, on December 2, a fresh update has been installed on the game server. You will find new settings for some units, new models,  bug fixes, and much more.

Metagame (Matchmaking)

• Improved the balance system: now teams will not be split if there are more than two teams in a match.
• Fixed the situation when a player could start several battles simultaneously and enter only one of them. Now the player will be put into the first started battle.

Metagame (Interface)

• Fixed a problem with calculating the total battle rank of the echelon, if discounts from modifiers of battalion were active.


• Redesigned the view of the winning points panel.
Sd. Kfz. 251/22: increased the accuracy of the Pak 40.
ISU-122 and Jagdpanzer IV: increased the accuracy.
Ferdinand: increased survivability by 100 HP.
SU-100 and BS-3: reduced the damage by 20%.
Nebelwerfer: reduced the coupling time from 18 to 15 seconds.
Т-34-76(1942) and Т-34-76E: reduced the reload speed of the F-34 tank gun by 1 sec.
Т-34-76E: increased survivability by 50 HP, reduced speed by 7 km/h.
KV-1S: reduced the battle rank from 87 to 83.
Puma: MG-34 has been replaced by MG-42.
Sturmtiger: MG-42 has been replaced by MG-34.


• You can get three collectible German Pz 35(t) tanks for this month's « Collector's Challenge» task.


• Added new model of T-20 «Komsomolets». In addition, not only the appearance will be changed, but also the equipment itself — now this model will be with awning, and we will leave version with troop compartment for other purposes in the future.
• Added new model of «Maxima» MG.
• Added new model of MG-42.


• The barbed wire can no longer be placed through the vehicles.
• Fixed the icon of 53-K in metagame interface.

See you in the game!

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