Soul Dance Party


Black Friday in the Soul Dance Party!

Dear Stars!

The long-awaited Friday is already close, not a simple one, but a «black» one. And it means that you will get great discounts on all packs of early access — as much as 30%!

Don't miss the great chance to get guaranteed access to the CBT and many useful and unique items at the start of OBT. However, hurry up, the offer will take place only for 3 days!  


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Game update (March 3)

Brand new league system, the first iteration of an updated game sound engine, bug fixes and much more. Let’s plunge into it.

Men of War II: Arena


Internal technical works

In the near time there may be some problems with the game servers due to internal technical works.

Royal Quest


Screenshot-contest on the Discord-server

We invite you to enjoy the spring views of the Royal Quest, take a screenshot of them and take part in the contest on our Discord server!

Royal Quest


Spring in Royal Quest

We invite you to celebrate the advent of calendar spring. What's waiting for us in the game?

Royal Quest


Dev-blog: Updated Sound Engine

We are pleased to present you with the latest release of the Developer Diary. Today we will talk about the first iteration of the updated sound engine, which will appear in the game very soon

Men of War II: Arena